With institutions around the world scrambling to create a new way of connecting teachers with students in the post COVID world, several issues with their existing IT infrastructure are starting to emerge. How do educators provide a nourishing experience for their students in a safe virtual environment while keeping them engaged with what is being taught is a big question that is currently on everyone’s minds. Additionally, how can digital bring the power of IT into not just a classroom but into the entire ecosystem of an educational institution? How can the HR department, Finance, Administration et al all benefit from IT within the framework of an educational institution?

 The answer to these questions lies in how mobility powered by the omnipresent availability of has become such an important part of our lives. Today, as these institutions evolve, everything from a basic WhatsApp video call to more sophisticated video conferencing tools seems to be addressing the first part of providing functional virtual classrooms. However, questions about how safe these options are a continuing issue for administrators, teachers, and parents. The recent episodes of hackers compromising what were supposed to safe virtual classrooms and exposing children to unpleasant experiences, serve to create a hesitation in the minds of all involved about the efficacy of completely shifting the process of education online. Additionally, as every good teacher has been made aware of one time or the other, a virtual environment creates additional challenges when addressing children with special needs or delivering a more personalized method of learning.

Going further, the idea of enmeshing digital technology into every facet of a student’s educational experience from an administrative perspective, raises its own set of issues. Whether enrolling new students, tracking the performances of existing students or even setting up meetings with parents and guardians, the traditional method of manual updating just don’t work. Also, as these institutions enter a world where getting the best students to study with them is competition, marketing and lead management are becoming increasingly important. So, the solution is to build a digitally robust system that provides end to end functionality and can easily be accessed from something as simple as an app on the phone

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