What is Ecadamia?

An integrated education management system powered by digital innovation

Ecadamia removes siloes within your organization and seamlessly integrates a variety of functions with and maps them to relevant stakeholders all through a simple and easy to use solution. Leveraging the power of digital you manage the growth of your educational institution anywhere, anytime, with just a few clicks and actions.

Why Choose Us?


We believe in ethical values that help us build healthy and close relationships with our clients and this is reflected in every facet of our operations.

Societal Impact

Our team places great importance on deriving solutions that meaningfully impact society. This commitment to a larger goal serves a very compelling motivator to all our employees to always perform to their best.

Continuous Support

Our powerful yet easy to use software requires minimal training and can be deployed swiftly with little trouble. As a result of our client centric focus we provide complete and continuous assistance aimed at accelerating and optimizing product deployment and user uptake the pro your processes and make your institution worth while.

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Ecadamia and you creating
a brighter future for everyone