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with multiple levels of access

Ecadamia offers a host of powerful and feature packed functions that are intuitively designed to automate all your time intensive administrative and management tasks and help staff improve their productivity as a result.

Ecadamia’s integrated package consists of a variety of features aimed at seamlessly managing all important tasks of administrators from increasing and streamlining enrolments, all the way down to improving student candidate retention metrics. It does this by allowing users to reduce time spent of repetitive tasks which can be automated and empowering them with access to accurate real time data for quick and well-informed decision-making. Advanced reporting, dashboards, surveys at your fingertips can translate unstructured data into valuable knowledge and insights.

Manual management of admission processes can be a stressful and hectic task for administrators. Ecadamia simplifies and streamlines this time-consuming process allowing your administrators to better utilize their time and resources. From enrolling students with detailed profile management systems that record all relevant information about them to tracking details like health status and allergies Ecadamia does it all in a simple and clear manner.

With Ecadamia, reduce the time required to notify stakeholders about updates. Communicate quickly and easily by sending out institution-wide announcements on the dashboard to keep everyone notified.

Record special days, upcoming events or activities in the calendar and keep all stakeholders across the chain informed by publishing them.

Efficiently create and manage student profiles based on health records, attendance, behaviour, requests, performance in one centralized location.

Ecadamia facilitates quick, safe, and cost-effective communication system to instantly send notifications or messages individually to management staff, teachers, students, parents and even customized recipients.

The platform has a robust security feature for managing access permissions, authorizations, activation, and deactivation for all members of the university across primary and higher sections.

Deciding the right curriculum requires extensive study, further tracking and management by administrators while working in tandem with teaching faculty, educational professionals, and subject matter experts to ensure it fits with the learning priorities of students. Ecadamia has carefully factored in these requirements and included faculty, programme & module set up, programme level set up, the campus set up, reading line set up, task management, programme versioning and many other features all of which would simplify building and managing the curriculum. 

View, analyze and manage the information of each user within the platform, each parent account and their children, Teachers and their assigned schedules and subjects, Students and data related to them and all administrative staff

Gauge students’ attention level, monitor class strength, tutor's performance, ascertain engagement levels to promote a rich learning and teamwork experience.

Flawlessly generate schedules without any overlaps or errors for your tutors. Monitor teaching hours dedicated to each tutor and subject to create plans effectively at less time.

Manage and Track fees collection and pending fees with ease. Generate customized reports, fees receipt, also send automated reminders to parents in case fee dues.

Easily generate various reports segregated by individual student, class, subject, grade, and more. Also, generate certificates for student and staff effortlessly.

Our Library Management system automates and integrates the libraries at the university and delivers digital content for easy access of information from anywhere, anytime. Students and teachers can request to borrow books. Furthermore, reports about the same can be easily generated.

Establish effective management of your fleet, manage fees and track the real time location of vehicles, also send alerts and notifications to parents.

Administrators can view profiles of each faculty member and extract reports, assigned subjects, classrooms, timesheets, performance and many more.

Exploit our poll option to gain statistics from all stakeholders to make informed decisions.

This features an online notice board of the institute, keeping all stakeholders updated on the activities going on in the university of the primary and higher education institute, ranging from notices and announcements. Hence, one never misses out on relevant information by turning on alerts for these notifications.

Regularly monitor the health routine of students and electronically store detailed records of physical checks for every student for teachers and parents to be notified.

Ecadamia’s teacher interface aims to make teaching easier by automating regular and repetitive tasks and help teachers use their time efficiently to focus on core teaching activities. Teachers can constantly stay connected with students and their parents thereby enhancing the development of the student, their academic progress, and their wellbeing. Teachers can share learning materials with students, access a safe online space, supervise your students' behavior, efficiently manage your student’s grades, and many more.

Ecadamia takes pride in offering superior quality online learning experience. Easy access, user friendly interface without any interferences, facilitates tutors to assemble their online lessons at ease, highly engaging classes are assured with our platform.

Tutors can efficiently curate individual lessons using the planning function in Ecadamia. They can also upload homework online for students. It enables parents to keep a check on the child's performance and allows students to complete the designated homework on schedule.

Document and track incidents and notify parents.

Record and manage student attendance with instant one-click actions and generate attendance reports. View and approve leave applications from students.

Comfortably assess student aptitude by conducting and evaluating online examinations. This can help reducing paperwork and while reducing costs and being environmentally friendly.

Conveniently browse material required for teaching anywhere, anytime and oversee and generate reports on the reading patterns of students.

Teachers can establish instant, practical and consistent communication with their students and parents and co- teachers with Ecadamia. Teachers can discuss the performance and behavior of students with parents and send assignments, reports, and reminders to students.

Teachers can access all information from the repository of student data.

Tutors often have an extensive interest in setting up the student curriculum. They need control over how the content can be set up to create credits and flow for the study for students to follow. Considering the professional information that would later come to play in students’ careers, it requires a lot of collaborative effort and follow-up. To serve all these dynamic needs, the curriculum management feature for teachers is enabled with custom setups for programme credit, study modes, reading lines, content and subject matter, and programme assessment, review, and reporting tools.

Ecadamia student interface addresses every possible student requirement and daily academic tasks. Students can access their study materials anytime and anywhere, giving them the freedom to study at their own pace thus reducing stress and repetitiveness in the process. The easy to use interface is intuitive enough to allow anyone to use it and yet comprehensive enough to address all their needs. Features like discussion forums can provide a great way to collaborate with peers and while helping students strengthen social bonds with their peers.


The Ecademia lets students create their profiles and view all relevant information, such as attendance, performance, subjects, timetable, faculty announcements, etc., on an integrated dashboard. Along with this, students can also manage all their documents and fee payments through the dashboard.

Ecadamia delivers a secure, uninterruptable and interactive online learning environment thereby replicating the classroom experience without displacing it. Ecadamia encompasses all relevant features necessary for an enriched online learning experience. For example, utilize live poll options to create a poll or question to gather opinions, or get on the interactive whiteboard and connect with what teachers are sharing with their students. Students can use functions like the “Raise Hand” feature to ask questions. Instructors can share their screen in real-time for clearer understanding.

Students can view and stay updated on all details related to their assigned subjects from anywhere, anytime. Access study material, check for homework, complete tasks and view schedules for exams. They can also view, post and engage with subject matters presented in Forums, check scores for exams taken and more thereby keeping students focused, organized and proactive.

Improve student engagement by sharing ideas, skills, questions, challenges in the discussion forums.

Ecadamia facilities smoother communications between students and teachers; students can connect with teachers for clarifications, advice, information etc. as and when it’s needed.

Follow class schedules without any confusion through the “Digital Timetable” feature.

Ecademia allows students to manage their enrollment process without hassle. 

The scholarship management system is an integrated approach to making all the scholarships available in a single university or to students on a common platform. Students can quickly discover available scholarships and apply to them fairly and transparently.   

Students can apply for industry-leading internships and jobs listed by various organizations and kick start their careers with proper guidance. 

Ecadamia enables better parent involvement with the primary and higher education institute and members of the primary and higher education institute community. It also allows them to constantly track their child’s educational progress by viewing assessments, assignment scores, behavior, schedules, leave records, curriculum, and homework; all in one place.

Stay connected to your child’s activities in the primary and higher education institute by constantly communicating with teachers and administrators as opposed to the once in a while interactions provided by Parent Teachers meetings.

The Bus tracking feature provides assurance to parents while their children are in transit about their safety and allows them to track deviations like no shows.

Avoid the hassles of having to physically pay fees and instead pay fees online quickly at your convenience using our secure transaction platform.

Parents can digitally enroll their child for extra-curricular activities or after the primary and higher education institute activities easily.

Stay informed about your child’s attendance and engagement reports.

Easily book a slot on permitted and available days for an online meeting with your child’s teacher.

Bring the change you want by sharing feedback with administrators and faculty through surveys and polls.

How does Ecadamia LearnNet work

The Ecademia LearnNet suite of student information and learning management solution connects administrators, teachers, students and parents under a single integrated digital platform. Powered by our award winning cloud and digital infrastructure Ecadamia LearnNet works to seamlessly and efficiently streamline and automate everyday tasks such as daily announcements, online classes,attendance tracking etc. while providing real-time reports and insights into the functioning of your institution, teachers and students. Supported across a wide range of devices get access to information anywhere anytime.


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