Ecadamia MarkCred offers an industry defining solution

No matter what your need, Ecadamia MarkCred has you covered, offering a range of functionalities based on your needs and role within a sales management matrix. Ecadamia MarkCred provides a distinct suite of solutions for sales managers, agents and marketing executives.

With a slew of functional features, Ecadamia MarkCred is yours to use as you choose!

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    The solution offers you a platform to capture leads from various sources such as marketing campaigns, trade shows, events , parent referrals, walk-ins, social media campaigns etc.

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    Web-to-Lead functionality is also a feature to capture leads from your institution’s websites .

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    Lead Scoring can be enabled in the system through a rule based engine using multiple parameters set by the user.

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    The solution also offers MarkCred features such as record types and page layouts to capture information based on the type of business and source of lead.

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    Leads can be assigned to specific users based on the education institute / location and lead source using auto assignment rules and notifications.

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    Auto response rules are setup at every step of the lead generation and conversion process.

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    Easily integrate Ecadamia MarkCred into existing student management systems(ERP).

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    Sales Managers can view a live candidate account that shows their statement of account, generated invoices & payment history etc.

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    Sales Managers can view a live customer account that shows their statement of account, generated invoices & payment history etc.

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    Customers are automatically notified by E-mail and SMS about invoices, receipts and all other transactions.

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    Any enquiry about a transaction can be made directly from the portal and these enquiries can then be tracked by the manager to completion.

Record special days, upcoming events or activities in the calendar and keep all stakeholders informed by publishing them.

Efficiently create and manage student profiles comprising of health records, attendance, behavior, requests, performance in one centralized location.

Ecadamia facilitates quick, safe, and cost-effective communication system to instantly send notifications or messages individually to management staff, teachers, students, parents and even customized recipients.

The platform has a robust security feature for managing access permissions, authorizations, activation, and deactivation for all users.

View, analyze and manage the information of each user within the platform, each parent account and their children, Teachers and their assigned schedules and subjects, Students and data related to them and all administrative staff

Gauge students’ attention level, monitor class strength, tutor's performance, ascertain engagement levels to promote a rich learning and teamwork experience.

Flawlessly generate schedules without any overlaps or errors for your tutors. Monitor teaching hours dedicated to each tutor and subject to create plans effectively at less time.

Manage and Track fees collection and pending fees with ease. Generate customized reports, fees receipt, also send automated reminders to parents in case fee dues.

Easily generate various reports segregated by individual student, class, subject, grade, and more. Also, generate certificates for student and staff effortlessly.

Our Library Management system automates and integrates the primary and higher education institute libraries and delivers digital content for easy access of information from anywhere, anytime. Students and Teachers can request for borrowing books and reports on borrowing books can be easily generated.

Establish effective management of your fleet, manage fees and track the real time location of vehicles, also send alerts and notifications to parents.

Administrators can view profiles of each faculty member and extract reports, assigned subjects, classrooms, timesheets, performance and many more.

Exploit our poll option to gain statistics from all stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Features an online notice board of the primary and higher education institute keeping all stakeholders informed of the education institute notices or updates. Never miss out on information by turning on alerts for these notifications.

Regularly monitor the health routine of students and electronically store detailed records of physical checks for every student for teachers and parents to be notified.

Ecadamia MarkCred offers marketing executives an option to choose from 4 different types of campaigns based on their requirements.

The solution offers users, different templates that can be used to create new campaigns and simultaneously tracks the performance of ongoing campaigns while providing real time analytics about insights into reach, engagement etc.

Users can choose multiple social media channels to create and run ad campaigns with real time tracking and insights, schedule content, respond to requests, manage and moderate content and view real time data on campaign performance.

Targeted ads on search engines and portals is made easy by our SEM campaign generator that allows users to define tags, target ads in specific locations, monitor website traffic,customer engagement and view detailed analytics about the campaign’s performance.

Ecadamia MarkCred allows the user to create and manage offline campaigns as well as track these campaigns in terms of perfomance, goal completion and targets achieved.

Ecadamia student interface.

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    Agents are automatically assigned leads based on the primary and higher education institute/location.

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    The solution offers agents an option to schedule appointments as per their convenience.

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    Agents can also schedule tours, create reminders and track activities using the activity log.

Ecadamia enables better parent involvement with the primary and higher education institute and members of the institute community. It also allows them to constantly track their child’s educational progress by viewing assessments, assignment scores, behavior, schedules, leave records, curriculum, and homework; all in one place.

Stay connected to your child’s activities in the primary and higher education institute by constantly communicating with teachers and administrators as opposed to the once in a while interactions provided by Parent Teachers meetings.

The Bus tracking feature provides assurance to parents while their children are in transit about their safety and allows them to track deviations like no shows.

Avoid the hassles of having to physically pay fees and instead pay fees online quickly at your convenience using our secure transaction platform.

Parents can digitally enroll their child for extra-curricular activities or after the primary and higher education institute activities easily.

Stay informed about your child’s attendance and engagement reports.

Easily book a slot on permitted and available days for an online meeting with your child’s teacher.

Bring the change you want by sharing feedback with administrators and faculty through surveys and polls.


How does Ecadamia MarkCred work?

The Ecadamia MarkCred suite of sales and marketing management solution connect all users to each other, in a single integrated digital ecosystem powered by our award winning cloud and digital infrastructure expertise. Whether you are a sales manager, an agent, a marketing manager, our solutions work to connect you with each other seamlessly and efficiently through a variety of devices anywhere anytime.

Ecadamia MarkCred helps you

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    Streamline sales activities.

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    Track agent performance and lead conversion activities in real time.

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    Take surveys and feedback of your customers.

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    Create and manage marketing campaigns and activities.

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    Get instant analytics into campaign reach, customer engagement and overall performance .



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